Common Issues Of Server App

Uploaded Images Not Showing

  • Please make sure the below things
    • We need to link the storage by the below command
      php artisan storage:link
    • We need to update the base url in .env in the below param like this

Unauthorized request kreit laravel

  • This issue comes at end of the registeration process because of the misconfigured firebase setup for the backend app, Please make sure that you have done the below steps properly.

    • We need to update the firebase service-accounts.json in the below path Path: server-app-folder/public/push-configurations/firebase.json

    • Make sure that you have updated the correct path & firebase database url in .env file like below


Data Array Serializer Issue

  • This issue has reported because the php version. Please make sure that you are using php7.2

Personal Access Client Not Found

  • This issue generally comes on authentication part due to passport installation not done.

  • Please make sure that you have run the below command in terminal of your project path

    php artisan passport:install

Push Notifications Not Received